By no means am I an expert in philosophy. As a matter of fact, whenever I read philosophy in college, I often thought it to be overly convoluted, frequently trite, and, at times, down-right dull. As awful as it is to believe (and even more to say aloud), I would sooner believe someone else’s interpretation (in plain english), instead of interpreting it for myself. As a non-philosophy student, I had very little (zero, in fact) interest in philosophy (at least in its untranslated state) and no matter how much Descartes or Niche was shoved into my face, that fact never changed.

Cogito Ergo SumRegardless of my personal opinion on the subject, Descartes’ famous words became the foundation for nearly all of Western philosophy. His thoughts on the subject of reality and our own existence centers around this argument. He postulates that even if any “knowledge” we have is a figment of our imagination, a deception, or even a mistake, then, at a minimum, doubting one’s very own existence is proof that our mind is, in fact, reality.

As Descartes postulated that thinking is the quality that defines one’s existence, I believe–at least for me–that reading is what defines my existence.

This blog, at least at first, will be a way for me to record my experiences with the books I read, and share my experiences with those who wish to join me.


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