Paradox UnboundAuthor: Peter Clines

Pages: 384

Published: 26 September 2017 by Crown

Genre: Fantasy, fiction, sci-fi


Personal Context: Blogging for Books sent me a print ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


According to Elias Teague, Sanders is the most boring town. At least it was until Harry Pritchard skids into town clad in revolutionary war-era clothing and a tricorne hat, brandishing a modified flintlock rifle, and driving a 100 year-old Model A. He first met Harry when he was young boy, and had assumed that this mysterious stranger had been a figment of his imagination. When Pritchard skids back into his life not just once, but three times, Eli knows that he’s not imagining it.

After this last encounter with this enchanting stranger, Eli is unwittingly sucked into a strange and dangerous world he knows nothing about. Eli accompanies Harry and Eleanor, the hundred-year-old Model A on a chase across not only the country, but a hundred years of American history with the past, present, and future of America at stake.


My Review of…

…The Plot and Pace:

As a Whovian, time-travel holds a special place in my heart. That being said, I am incredibly picky about how it’s done. Peter Clines does a fantastic job in broaching this topic, and while the story gets a bit wibbly-wobbly at times (as is to be expected when dealing with time-travel), Clines maintains navigation and wraps up his story with a neat little bow at the end. As its name would imply, Paradox Bound ensnares the reader with relatable, inspiring characters, and an engaging plot. Clines’ witty dialogue, charming historical references, and pop-culture nods add an element of fun that balances the semi-serious tone of the story.

…The Characters and Relationships:

Each and every one of Clines’ characters is beautifully developed and wonderfully relatable. Even the minor characters who are only present for a chapter or two make lasting impressions on the reader. I find it immensely refreshing and incredibly satisfying to have two protagonists of opposing sex maintain a completely adult, platonic relationship full of mutual respect and admiration.

In Summation:

I enjoyed reading Paradox Bound immensely. Filled with a balance of humor and seriousness, Clines’ novel does not disappoint. I fell in love with Harry and Eli and their trek through history gave me wanderlust. Clines’ story is a reminder about the values that our country stand for. Things like hard work, unity, equality, and freedom fill the pages of this book, and I found it to be immensely appropriate given our current climate.



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